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Runner Specific Rules

If all of your flags have been taken, you are DEAD, but you continue to run. You may not pick up flags off the ground or take them from other runners.

Runners must wear their bib number clearly shown on the front of their attire. Runners will not be allowed to race without an official bib number.
Runners must be 14 years of age or older by race day in order to participate.

Direct and intentional physical contact with any runner or zombie is strictly prohibited. You are not to touch, hit, punch, tackle, claw, pinch, spit on, bite, or do anything harmful to the physical health of our zombies or other runners…. no matter how frightened you may be. Those in violation of this rule will automatically be disqualified and potentially escorted off of the grounds, without refund. If you tuck your flags into your clothing, you are automatically disqualified and you are to turn in your flag belt to a course official. Flags are to be visible to course officials and zombies (not covered by long clothing) and must be attached to your belt. Runners tying their flags to their belts and picking discarded flags off the ground are both disqualifying violations.


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